The Best Way to Inspect Used Cars for Sale Like a Pro (2023)

a woman under the hood inspecting used cars for sale

Emily is a young professional living in Fresno, CA. She’s an expert at many things, but as she recently discovered, inspecting used cars for sale isn’t one of them.

Her 9-year-old hatchback gave up on her last week. She’s on the hunt for a reliable car that won’t break her budget.

She knows she wants a used car. They’re cheaper and depreciate slower than new ones, after all. But she’s also heard stories of regretful purchases.

She contacts a good friend of hers who has plenty of experience. He works at Westland Auto Sales. This is a local used car dealership in Fresno CA who provides her with some car-buying tips.

Best of all, he sends her a used car inspection checklist. The very same they use to buy their vehicles at auction. He coaches her on how to inspect a used car until Emily feels confident she can do it.

Inspecting Used Cars for Sale
– Table of Contents –

The Importance of Inspecting Used Cars for Sale

The Exterior Inspection

The Interior Inspection

Inspect the Electronics and Features of the Used Cars for Sale

The Mechanical Inspection

Check the Suspension and Brakes of Used Cars for Sale

Test Drive the Used Cars for Sale

Paperwork Inspection

Final Steps in Buying Used Cars for Sale

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The Importance of Inspecting Used Cars for Sale

woman inspecting used cars for sale

Why is inspecting a used car so crucial?

Picture this: you’ve found a used car with a shiny exterior and a price tag that’s almost too good to be true.

Why Inspecting Used Cars for Sale is Essential

You jump at the chance, only to find a month later that it’s a mechanical nightmare. Unexpected breakdowns, hefty repair bills, oh the frustration!

You see, buying a used car isn’t just about finding a bargain. It’s about ensuring the car is dependable and safe.

Understanding the Risks of Ignoring Used Car Inspections

You need to avoid hidden issues that could empty your bank account at all costs.

A ticking engine, slipping transmission, bad deferential. These are massive repairs that could leave you bleeding cash.

At first glance, they don’t seem like a big deal. In a short time, though, it’ll be leaving you on the side of the road in the blistering heat.

That’s why a thorough inspection is so crucial. It’s your best defense against buying a lemon!

Now back to Emily.

Armed with her ‘inspection checklist’, she heads to a few local dealerships.

Her first step? The exterior of the cars she’s interested in.

The Exterior Inspection of Used Cars for Sale

a man inspecting the exterior of used cars for sale

Inspecting the exterior might seem like a superficial process. Yet, Emily knows it’s much more than judging a book by its cover.

The exterior can provide significant insights into the car’s history and current condition. From mismatched paint to uneven panel gaps, signs of rust to worn tires, every detail matters.

Checking the Body

Emily walks around the car, looking for any signs of body damage.

She looks for dents, scratches, or gaps on the panels. She also checks for uniformity in color, texture, and material. Any differences could suggest past accidents and subsequent repairs.

“Paint overspray on chrome or rubber parts is a dead giveaway of a hasty paint job,” she recalls from her research.


She also looks carefully at the paint. She wants to look for signs of fading, chipping, peeling, or rusting.

This could mean that the used car was exposed to harsh weather or poor maintenance.

She also closely inspects for bubbles or blisters on the paint. These could mean that someone painted over rust.

Reviewing the Glass and Lights

Next, she scrutinizes the windows and windshield, looking for chips or cracks. She knows these could potentially spread and become costly problems down the line.

Assessing the Tires

She inspects the tires, too. She understands that uneven wear could mean alignment or suspension issues.

Emily determines that they seem even. Yet, she looks closely to see how “bald” the tires look. It looks as if they have plenty of tread left and no metal wires show anywhere.

But she doesn’t stop there.

Emily runs her hand over the tires to make sure she doesn’t feel any warping or bubbles.

A Careful Eye on the Stance of Used Cars for Sale

She takes a step back, checking the car’s stance. If the car seems to sag on one side, it could hint at suspension or frame problems.

She also knows that a close look underneath the car could reveal possible leaks or rust. But she’d rather leave that for a mechanic during a professional inspection.

This is an area Emily knows she cannot afford to make a mistake on.

As Emily is learning, inspecting used cars for sale is not a process to rush. She takes one more look to make sure she did not miss anything.

After a thorough exterior inspection of her list of used cars for sale, Emily feels ready to move inside.

She reaches for the door handle and swings the door open. She slides into the driver’s seat, ready to take on the next part.

The Interior Inspection

a man conducting the interior inspection of used cars for sale

The interior of a used car can speak volumes about how the vehicle’s previous owner treated it.

Take a Deep Breath

Emily’s first impression is that of the smell.

A mildewy smell might mean water leaks. A strong odor of air freshener is sometimes used to cover up smoke or other unpleasant smells.

Check the Upholstery

Next, she scans the upholstery, checking for rips, stains, or burns.

She reminds herself that extensive wear or damage to the seats might reflect neglect. This could extend to mechanical parts, too.

How’s the Dashboard of the Used Cars for Sale?

Emily turns her attention to the dashboard.

She nods as she sees no cracks, scratches, or fading. If there were, it could mean that it underwent exposure to heat for extended periods.

She turns the key to the on position and watches all the warning lights come on.

She turns the car on and checks if any of them stay on. If they do, it might mean problems under the hood.

Emily also checks the odometer too. She knows full well that a lower mileage doesn’t always mean better.

A car with a history of short, city trips might have more wear and tear. One with higher mileage from long highway journeys could be in much better condition.

Use Your Trusted OBDII Scanner

Finally, Emily knows full well that just because a check engine didn’t come on doesn’t mean it won’t.

She pulls out the scanner she purchased online and looks for the port. After plugging it in, she keeps an eye out for any monitors that are incomplete.

Incomplete monitors could mean a check engine was reset so it will not appear on the cluster. It could also mean that someone removed or replaced the battery. Either way, you do not want to risk not knowing what could arise.

Once she verifies that they are all complete she checks for codes. Some codes are active, pending, or previous codes.

Previous codes can give you a good idea of what the vehicle has undergone. Pending codes mean a check engine will likely trigger soon. Active codes mean those used cars for sale are undergoing a problem.

When she verifies there are none active or pending, she decides she can move on.

Finally, she tests out all the features. She checks the sound system to the air conditioning, power windows to seat belts. Every knob, button, and switch must function as intended.

She knows she wants a car that’s not only reliable and safe but also comfortable.

Common Problems to Avoid When Inspecting Used Cars for Sale Interior

Airbag Deployment

This means that the airbags deployed due to a collision or impact.

An airbag-deployed car may have hidden damage to the frame, engine, or other components. This can affect its performance and safety.

Inspect the Electronics and Features of the Used Cars for Sale

hands pressing buttons inspecting the electronics of used cars for sale

While she’s inside the car, Emily remembers to test the features of the used cars for sale.


She begins by checking the radio. Any sign of damage or malfunction could indicate a broken radio.

Emily turns it on and adjusts the volume and turns the stations. She also brings an AUX cord that she plugs in to ensure that’s working.

Once she does, she raises the volume. She wants to make sure there is no static, buzzing, or popping from the speakers.


Next, Emily cranks the A/C.

She waits for a couple of minutes as it cools up. Not until she feels the cold air hitting her face does she move on.

She then turns the A/C off and turns it all the way to hot. Sure, it’s uncomfortable since it’s 90+ degrees here in Fresno, CA but she knows better. Wintertime comes around and she needs to make sure her heater is working.


Emily checks for any signs of damage or malfunction on the windows.

She rolls them up and down and sees if they respond. After making sure there are no squeaking, grinding, or jamming noises she moves on.


Emily almost forgets about the locks but her checklist helps her stay on track.

She looks for any signs of damage or malfunction on the locks. This could mean that the locks broke, are loose, or are faulty.

She tries locking and unlocking them manually and remotely to see if they respond. She wants to make sure there are no delays, glitches, or noises.

Avoid These Common Electrical Problems


This means that there is a problem with the wiring or circuitry of the car that causes a loss of power or a fire hazard.

An electrical short can affect the performance and safety of the car. It can also cause damage to other components or systems.

Shorts can be very costly to repair and we highly recommend you stay away from them.

Dead Battery

This means that the battery has run out of charge or has failed due to age or damage.

A dead battery can prevent the car from starting or running properly. It can also cause problems with other electronics or features.

This is typically an easy fix but be careful.

Faulty Sensors

Faulty sensors reveal problems with the monitoring or controlling of various functions. These can include speed, temperature, fuel level, etc.

A faulty sensor can cause inaccurate readings or signals. This can affect the performance and safety of used cars.

Many sensors are easy fixes but can lead to bigger problems.

The Mechanical Inspection

a pair of hands doing the mechanical inspection of used cars for sale

Emily feels satisfied with the interior. She is ready for the nitty-gritty part of inspecting used cars for sale.

The mechanical inspection.

She’s no mechanic, but she knows the basics to look for. Emily will be checking everything she can on her own and call on a professional for the rest.

Checking for Noises, Smoke, or Leaks of Used Cars for Sale

She starts the engine and listens. Any knocks or pings?

That could mean major trouble.

She checks the exhaust smoke. When she sees none, she feels good about checking for leaks.

She steps out and looks under the used cars for sale.

Green fluid might mean a coolant leak. Dark brown or black could be oil. A reddish fluid might be a transmission fluid leak.

Checking Under the Hood

With the engine still running, Emily pops the hood open. She props the hood up and checks the foreign landscape. 


She is trying to find signs of leaks, cracks, or corrosion on the engine.

These could indicate that the car has overheated, neglected, or abused. She also checks if the engine is clean and free of oil or dirt.

A dirty engine could show that the car was not serviced regularly or properly.


She moves on to the battery, looking for signs of corrosion, damage, or wear.

These could reveal that the battery is old, weak, or faulty.

She wiggles the batter, making sure it’s not loose.

A loose or dirty battery could cause electrical problems. It could also prevent the car from starting.


Emily closely inspects the belts, keeping an eye out for cracks, fraying, or glazing.

She knows these could mean worn or damaged belts.

Also, loose or misaligned belts could cause noise, vibration, or performance issues.


She checks the hoses for leaks, cracks, or bulges.

These could show worn or damaged hoses.

She makes sure that none of them are loose. Loose belts could cause leaks, overheating, or pressure problems.


Finally, Emily inspects for leaks, low levels, or contamination of the fluids. She wants to make sure the fluids are clear and have the right color and consistency.

Dirty or discolored fluids could indicate that the car needs a flush or a change.

Common Mechanical Problems to Avoid

Oil Sludge

Dirt, water, or other substances has contaminated the oil. This forms a thick and sticky substance in the engine.

Oil sludge can clog the oil passages and damage the engine components. It can also indicate that the car has been driven with low oil levels or infrequent oil changes.

Stay away from this.

Coolant Leak

This means that the coolant has been leaking. Leaks could arise from the radiator, hoses, water pump, or other parts of the cooling system.

A coolant leak can cause overheating, corrosion, or engine damage. It can also indicate that someone drove the car with low coolant levels or a faulty thermostat.

Be extremely careful if you notice this and make sure to get a third-party opinion.


This means that the exhaust has been emitting smoke of different colors. The different colors indicate different problems.

Black smoke means that the car is burning too much fuel due to a rich air-fuel mixture.

Blue smoke means that the car is burning oil due to worn piston rings or valve seals.

White smoke means that the car is burning coolant due to a blown head gasket or a cracked cylinder head.

Check the Suspension and Brakes of Used Cars for Sale

brakes, rotors, and suspension of used cars for sale

Emily is now ready to check for some crucial safety items, the Suspension and Brakes.

These give you an idea of the stability and braking capacity of the vehicle.


Emily knows that a few components make up the suspension. These include the shocks, springs, and struts, amongst many others.

Emily is also aware that her mechanical expertise would not allow her to check the individual components.

Instead, she decides to check it a different way.

Emily steps outside and pushes the car down from the trunk. She is trying to see if the car will have excessive bounce or creaking noises.

She does this a few times. Not until she feels confident that there is no major rocking does she move on. However, she knows she will need to check this again during the test drive.


Emily is also aware that it would be hard for her to fully inspect the brakes. Instead, she checks for any signs of wear on the brake pads.

When she sees none, she takes a close look at the rotors.

She’s looking for any signs of grooves, cracks, or warping on them.

The brake rotors should have a uniform surface without any roughness or discoloration. If not, they may need to be resurfaced or replaced.

She’s no mechanic so she reminds herself to take it slow during the test drive.

Keep an Eye Out for These Issues

Suspension Noise

This means that the suspension has been making clunking, rattling, or squeaking noises.

You may be able to notice these from bouncing the car up and down. However, going over bumps or turns will be the real indicator. 

Suspension noise can indicate that the suspension components are loose, worn, or damaged.

It can also affect the handling and comfort of the car.

Brake Fade

This means that the brakes have been losing their effectiveness over time or after repeated use.

Brake fade means that the brake components have undergone overheating, worn, or glazed.

It can also affect the stopping distance and safety of the car.

This is also easily fixable, but do not ignore it.

Test Drive the Used Cars for Sale

a man test driving used cars for sale

Emily feels comfortable that the used car for sale has met the initial inspection. She takes her driver’s license out and shows it to the used car dealer.

She asks if she can take the car out for a test drive.

This will allow her to have an idea of how the used car feels and behaves on the road.

It’ll also allow her to know if the vehicle fits her style. Trust us when we tell you, not every car will.

The used car dealer comes back and hands her the license back.


Emily hops into the used car and makes sure the mirrors are to her liking.

She takes out her phone and takes a look at the map. She wants to make sure she can take the vehicle through the city streets as well as the highway.

Once she finds a suitable route, she turns the car on and turns off all the music. She pulls out into the parking lot.


Emily takes it slow at first. She wants to make sure that the brakes are responsive and that there is no excessive bouncing.

When she’s sure it’s safe, she gets onto the road.

She makes sure to drive the car and accelerates at different speeds. She focuses on if the acceleration responds well and if it handles well.

Emily also keeps an eye out for vibrations, noises, or any strange smells.

She makes sure to hop onto the freeway and then returns to the dealership through the city streets.


She parks the car back and leaves it running, keeping an ear out for strange noises. When none arise, she turns off the used car.

Again, she checks for leaks, smoke, or smells.

Everything seems to be clear, but Emily knows better.

While she feels confident she inspected things carefully, she is smart enough to know she’s no expert.

She knows a thorough mechanical inspection is best left to professionals. She decides to arrange for a pre-purchase inspection by a trusted mechanic.

This mechanic will delve deeper into the used car’s mechanical condition. It might cost her a bit upfront. Yet, she also knows it could save her from far costlier problems down the line.

Don’t Ignore These Signs While Test Driving Used Cars for Sale

Engine Knock

This means that there is a problem with the combustion process of the engine. This problem causes a knocking or pinging sound when accelerating or under load.

Engine knock can indicate that the engine is low on oil, has poor fuel quality, or has worn or damaged parts.

You should avoid this as it is a huge problem.

Transmission Slip

This means that there is a problem with the transmission. It will cause a delay or loss of power when shifting gears.

Transmission slips can indicate that the transmission is low on fluid. It can also mean it has dirty fluid or has worn or damaged parts.

Just like the engine knocking, this should be avoided.

Brake Noise

Brakes can make grinding, squealing, or screeching noises when applying them.

Brake noise can indicate worn, damaged, or contaminated brake components. It can also affect the stopping power and safety of the car.

This is easily fixable, but do not ignore this.

Brake Shaking or Shudder

This means that the vehicle shakes or vibrates heavily when applying the brakes.

This could mean that the rotors have major grooves and are in dire need of replacement. It could also state that the ABS is being forced to engage so your brakes do not lock up.

This is a safety concern and can be easily fixable. Whatever you do, do not ignore this.

After a full day of inspecting cars, Emily feels tired but empowered. She’s one step closer to finding the perfect used car for her daily Fresno commute. All thanks to her thorough inspections.

But she’s not done yet.

Emily uses her time wisely. As she waits for her third-party mechanic’s verdict, she decides to check the paperwork.

Paperwork Inspection

a paper showing the importance of checking paperwork of used cars for sale

Paperwork might seem less exciting compared to physical inspections. In this case, Emily knows its importance when buying used cars for sale.

The exterior inspection is the cover of a book. The interior and mechanical inspections are the chapters. That would leave the paperwork as the publishing information.

It’s crucial to confirm the car’s story.

Emily requests the car dealer to send her the vehicle history report.

Check the History Report of the Used Cars for Sale

A history report provides you with tons of crucial information about the used cars for sale’s past. Whatever you do, do not skip this step.

Accidents, previous owners, maintenance records, and if the car was ever declared a total loss is in this report.

It’s like a biography of the car and every buyer should read it.

There are key things to keep an eye out for.

Salvage Title

A salvaged title means that the car has been in a prior accident and declared a total loss by an insurance company. This means that the cost to fix it exceeded the value of the used car.

Some salvaged vehicles can be great bargains. They have undergone repairs and undergone approval by the DMV to operate again on the road. Yet, you have to know that this should be a long-term purchase.

Salvaged vehicles lose their resale value. As such, when you try to sell it you will not be able to get the same amount as “clean” used cars for sale.

Further, it’s good to note that there are many that have hidden problems not easily detected at first glance. Be sure to have a third-party inspection completed.

Flood Damage

This means that the car has been submerged in water for a long period of time.

A flood-damaged car may have corrosion, mold, or electrical issues. These can affect its performance and safety.

If the history report shows flood damage, be sure to keep an extra eye out for rust or electrical issues. If you notice any, we highly recommend to steer clear.

Hail Damage

This means that hailstones hit the car and caused dents or cracks on the body or windows.

A hail-damaged car may have cosmetic issues that can affect its appearance and value. Most of the time this is the only thing to worry about.

On rare occasions, though, it may also have structural issues that can affect its safety.

Frame Damage

Like salvaged vehicles, frame damaged used cars for sale signify prior damage. This damage altered the frame in some way.

Insurance may have determined the used car had some kind of bending of the frame during an accident. It could also mean that the frame had a modification completed that altered it. A car auction may have seen something off on the frame and decided to call it frame damaged to cover themselves.

It is up in the air what actually happened to it’s crucial to look at the history report carefully.

Once called, the value of the vehicle drops.

It can be a great value if you’re keeping the vehicle long-term. Yet, just like a salvaged car, trying to sell used cars for sale that are frame damaged means a lower value.

Final Steps in Buying Used Cars for Sale

man pushing another man on a steering wheel showing the final steps of inspecting used cars for sale

Emily is now in the final stretch of her car-buying journey.

She has a decision to make.

The car passed her inspections, and the paperwork checked out. However, the mechanic’s report showed some minor issues that would need repairs.

Room to Negotiate

Emily needs to decide if she’s willing to take on these extra costs or look for a different car. If she decides to take them on, she can negotiate the price with the dealership.

After some thought, Emily decides to negotiate.

She presents the mechanic’s report to the dealership, explaining her concerns.

They agree to a discounted price that accounts for the necessary repairs.

It’s a victory!

Her thorough inspection allowed her to find a reliable used car and get an edge in negotiations.

Emily’s journey in buying used cars for sale in Fresno, CA has been full of learning experiences.

It all began with understanding the importance of a thorough inspection. She’s more confident, and knowledgeable now. Most importantly, Emily is the proud owner of a well-inspected used car.

Buying a used car doesn’t have to be a gamble.

If you take the time to inspect it thoroughly, just like Emily, you might just find the perfect ride for you.

Emily drives her newly purchased used car around Fresno, CA, with pride. A sense of accomplishment washes over her.

She found a reliable car at a price she could afford. She gives many thanks to her due diligence and the helpful local dealership.

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What are buy here pay here dealerships?

These types of used car dealerships are a blessing for car buyers with credit issues.

Benefits of In House Financing

They offer in house financing options. This means the dealership itself provides the auto loans.

This makes it possible to get bad credit car loans or no credit auto loans. Even if you’ve been denied an auto loan elsewhere, they can help.

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Go Buy Those Used Cars for Sale Now!

a couple strapping in ready to go buy used cars for sale

Buying a used car from a dealer can be scary, but it is by far the best way to save money and get more value for your budget. However, when you skip steps and don’t follow through with the required inspection, you could end up in a bigger mess.

Conducting a thorough inspection of a used car in Fresno, CA, or anywhere for that matter, is no small feat.

When you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s like shooting in the dark.

Follow the steps here and you’ll increase your chance of getting a quality and affordable car. It will demand patience and a willingness to walk away if things don’t add up.

But as Emily’s journey shows, the reward is worth the effort.

So, whether you’re searching online or strolling through rows of used cars for sale, remember Emily’s process. Follow her path to properly inspect used cars for sale in Fresno CA.

Remember her thoroughness, resolve, and successful negotiation. Be like Emily, and don’t be afraid to walk away when the used cars for sale you look at don’t fit the mix.

Soon, you too will be driving away with the perfect used car for you.

Inspecting Used Cars for Sale

a man checking used cars for sale

How can I inspect used cars for sale if I’m not mechanically inclined?

You can perform basic checks on the exterior and interior. For a more detailed inspection, consider hiring a trusted mechanic.

How important is paperwork when buying used cars for sale?

Very important. The vehicle history report and title provide crucial information about the car’s past.

How can I check the history of a used car?

You can check the history of a used car by getting a vehicle history report. Some sources that can provide these are AutoCheck or Carfax. These reports provide crucial information. Previous owners, accidents, repairs, recalls, mileage, title status, etc.

Should I test drive a car before buying?

Absolutely! A test drive can reveal issues you might not notice during a stationary inspection.

Can I negotiate the price of a used car?

Yes, especially if your inspection reveals issues that will need repairs. You can negotiate the price of a used car by doing some research on the market value of the car. You can also compare prices from different sellers or dealers. By inspecting the condition and performance of the car you can present your findings. Be polite and respectful and you’ll catch all the bees.

What are Buy Here Pay Here dealerships?

Buy here pay here auto sales are used car dealerships that offer in-house financing options. They can be a good option for buyers with credit issues or first-time car buyers.

Our own buy here pay here dealership offers the best solution for used cars and bad credit auto financing in Fresno.

How can I register and insure a used car?

You can register and insure a used car by obtaining the title and bill of sale from the seller or dealer. You will then pay the sales tax and fees to your local DMV office. They may need you to get an emissions test as well.  Feel free to shop around to different insurance carriers for the best quote.

How can I maintain a used car?

You should follow the recommended service schedule from the manufacturer. Check and change the fluids and filters regularly. You can also keep the tires inflated and rotated and fix any problems as soon as they arise.

How can I pay for used cars for sale?

You can pay for a used car by using cash, credit card, personal loan, trade-in, or financing. Every used car dealership is different so make sure to ask them ahead of time. Depending on your budget and credit situation, you may prefer one option over another.

We hope this article helps you understand the importance of inspecting used cars for sale. It may seem like a hard process but when you have a checklist like this it becomes easy to follow. Learning to inspect used cars for sale like a pro can benefit you and all your loved ones.

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