Cars Plus Credit Vehicles in Fresno CA: Find the Best & Get Approved

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Cars Plus Credit Vehicles: Your One-Stop Solution for Credit-Challenged Car Buyers

Tired of loan denials from traditional banks? Ready to hear the word “approved” instead? “Credit-challenged” may sound like a pretty grim label, but hey, we’ve all had our rough patches. With cars plus credit vehicles, it’s like getting the Super Mario Power-Up in the game of car buying. It’s the mushroom that powers you up and puts you back in the race!

We will delve into the unique features & benefits of cars plus credit vehicles at Westland 

Auto Sales, the answer for credit-challenged individuals seeking their dream car. From in-house financing and flexible payment options to on-site repair services and a free 2-year warranty, we’ll explore how you can find a hassle-free car ownership experience. 

Plus, we’ll also clear up some common misconceptions about buy here pay here dealerships and show you exactly how you can secure your dream car even with bad credit. 

Let’s get it!

Cars Plus Credit Vehicles
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Brief Intro to Cars Plus Credit Vehicles

With Westland Auto Sales’ cars plus credit vehicles, you’re in for a treat. We’re not just another car dealership. We’re more like a lovingly stern aunt who knows how to deal with credit-challenged nephews and nieces.

Located in the heart of Fresno, CA, Westland Auto Sales is a Buy Here Pay Here dealership offering in-house financing options. This means that we also double as your lender. 

Talk about a two-for-one deal! 

We have the unique ability to overlook bad credit, previous repossessions, or even no credit history. To top it off, we boast a staggering 97% approval rate, making our dealership a haven for credit-challenged individuals who still yearn for the open road.

The nifty term, “cars plus credit vehicles,” perfectly encapsulates our unique financing approach. This includes low down payments starting as low as $500 (though keep in mind, it doesn’t mean everyone will qualify for that) and flexible payment plans that fit right into your budget. 

But our aid doesn’t stop at merely handing over the keys to your car. Oh no, we offer a comprehensive, supportive relationship aimed at improving your credit score and providing you with a reliable vehicle.

So, if you’re feeling financially stuck, pull on your seatbelt and get ready. With cars plus credit vehicles, you’re in for a smooth ride to financial recovery and a set of fresh car keys in your pocket.

What is Cars Plus Credit Vehicles & How Does It Help Credit-Challenged Individuals?

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Imagine this scenario: You’re in the market for a car, but your credit is akin to the leftovers from last week’s dinner – a little past its prime. 

You’ve been shown the door by traditional lenders more times than you care to count. You’re honestly wondering if you can even buy a car after being denied so much. 

Sound familiar? 

This is where Cars Plus Credit Vehicles comes into the picture, wielding the mighty power of in-house financing.

When we say “Cars Plus Credit Vehicles,” we’re essentially talking about a unique method of car buying, where the dealership itself provides the financing – hence the term, ‘in-house’. Instead of playing ping-pong between the car dealership and the bank, you get to deal with just one – us!

How It Works for Car Buyers with Bad Credit

Bad credit car loans are simple, really. You buy a car from us, and we finance the purchase. You then pay us back over time, just like you would with any other loan. 

The difference? Well, we’ve got a soft spot for those with credit hiccups.

Our approval process looks beyond the cold hard numbers of credit scores. We consider your overall financial situation, including your income and stability. We believe in second chances and offer car loans even to those with less than stellar credit scores. Remember, it’s not about where you’ve been; it’s about where you’re going.

Benefits of In-House Financing at Westland Auto Sales

Here at Westland Auto Sales, our in-house financing program offers a multitude of benefits. 

You get access to affordable used cars, flexible auto loan terms, and low down payment cars. And let’s not forget the star of the show: the opportunity for credit-challenged car buyers to improve their credit scores.

And yes, no credit falls into this category too! That’s why we’re known as no credit check auto dealerships as well. 

We offer a chance to turn a new page on your credit history. By making timely payments on your car loan, you demonstrate financial responsibility, which can improve your credit score over time.

By the way, if you need help saving up a good down payment, we’ve got you covered!

In essence, our Cars Plus Credit Vehicles program is not just about driving off in a reliable set of wheels. It’s about steering your credit in the right direction. As the old saying goes, kill two birds with one stone – or in this case, drive off in a car while boosting your credit!

Overcoming Common Misconceptions About Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

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Let’s face it. Buy Here Pay Here dealerships near me have developed a reputation similar to that of a second-hand shark – predatory and ready to pounce on the unsuspecting. But like most sharks, it’s mostly misunderstood. 

I can comfortably tell you that most used car dealerships with in house financing are operated by honest and great people. People who have every intention of providing the best car financing for low credit scores. But…the squeaky wheel grease and gives a bad name to the rest.

So, let’s set the record straight.

Debunking Myths and Misconceptions About Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

Myth 1: Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships near me are the last resort for desperate buyers and prey on them. The truth is, they’re a reliable choice for individuals seeking flexibility and a more personalized approach to auto financing. It’s a matter of finding a reputable buy here pay here car dealer, just as you would with any other business. 

Myth 2: They only sell clunkers. In reality, you’ll find a wide selection of quality used cars. At Westland Auto Sales, we ensure all our cars pass a rigorous quality check before they reach the lot. We carry over 150 vehicles in stock at all times and encourage our Members to thoroughly test drive and inspect the used cars for sale before they commit to anything. Plus, would we put a 2-year warranty on something we didn’t think would last you?

Myth 3: They’re out to trap you in a cycle of debt. While we can’t vouch for all, we at Westland Auto Sales prioritize our customers’ success. We tailor our financing solutions to match your budget, ensuring you can afford your payments. If you don’t do your research and end up at a place that doesn’t report to credit, you will fall into the trap willingly. Ask ahead of time and ensure you’re finding a place like ours that’s closer to home for you. 

The Truth About Westland Auto Sales’ Customer-Success Approach

We’re not in the business of “customer service”. To be honest, we believe this is a bullshit term that has been abused and completely misinterpreted. 

We have no interest in being ‘nice’ or put on fake smiles. Our philosophy is rooted in the success of our Members. 

Instead, we are kind. Kindness means we are willing to do the hard, boring, and sometimes uncomfortable things that will benefit our Members long-term. Even if that means that sometimes they are annoyed or feel we are putting them in a tough position, we are willing to be the bad guy so that they can get ahead.

We’re not just selling cars; we’re building relationships, providing support, and helping you navigate the road to financial stability.

Securing Your Car Deal – A Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Gather all of your proofs and buy here pay here requirements.

Step 2: Apply online or in person and submit your proofs. 

Step 3: Choose the car best suited for your situation.

Step 4: Sit down with our financing team to work out an affordable payment plan. 

Step 5: Sign on the dotted line.

Step 6: Drive away toward your future!

Step 7: Make regular payments and watch your credit score rise. Easy as pie, right?

Understanding Credit Scores and Loan Approval

At Westland Auto Sales, we look at the bigger picture. We know that a credit score doesn’t tell the whole story, and that’s why we offer guaranteed car financing to even those with less-than-perfect credit.

We are one of the only car dealerships with easy credit approval in Fresno that also provides reliable cars for credit-challenged individuals. 

Your credit score isn’t what we put stock into, you are.

Once you’ve secured your affordable vehicle financing options, you’ll be provided with a number of choices for car loans with flexible payment plans. 

We aim to be the one-stop shop for credit-challenged buyers that will truly allow them to get ahead in life.

The Unique Benefits of Our Cars Plus Credit Vehicles Approach in Fresno

post it notes that say benefits

We pride ourselves on flexible payment options suited to different budgets and low down payment cars. 

We also have high accountability measures in place to keep you on track with your payments and a strong commitment to helping you improve your credit.

Benefits of Credit Reporting for Your Payments

One significant advantage of our in-house financing is that we report your payment history to credit bureaus. Regular, on-time payments can lead to an improved credit score, opening doors to more financial opportunities in the future.

The Free 2-Year Warranty – Stress-Free Car Ownership

Every car bought at Westland Auto Sales comes with a free 2-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind and added value to your purchase. You’re not just buying a car; you’re investing in a worry-free ownership experience.

This warranty covers parts and labor, and you also enjoy a 15% discount on all work done at our on-site shop, with interest-free financing available.

On-Site Repair Services – Keeping Your Vehicle Reliable

When your car needs attention, our on-site repair services are ready to serve. Whether it’s a routine oil change or more significant repairs, we ensure your car remains reliable, getting you where you need to go without fuss or worry.

We don’t sell cars, we build relationships that keep you on the road, stress-free and smiling, one mile at a time, prepared to succeed.

Are our Cars Plus Credit Vehicles in Fresno Right for You?

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We’ve dived deep into the ocean of auto financing and surfaced with pearls of wisdom about our approach at Westland Auto Sales. We’ve debunked myths, busted misconceptions, and shone a light on the unique benefits of our Cars Plus Credit Vehicles. 

But the question remains: Is this right for you?

If you value flexibility, understanding, and a path to improved credit, then the answer is a resounding yes! We’re here to partner with you on your journey, providing not just a car, but a roadmap to financial stability and worry-free car ownership. 

Ready to rev that engine with us?

Cars Plus Credit Vehicles
FAQs – 

There’s no such thing as a silly question, especially when it comes to your financial commitments. So, let’s tackle some of the most common questions about Cars Plus Credit Vehicles.

Q: How Does In-House Financing Differ from Traditional Auto Financing?

Traditional auto financing often involves external lenders with strict credit requirements. In-house financing, on the other hand, is offered directly by the dealership. This gives us more flexibility in approving car loans for people with various credit histories, including those that other lenders might see as a risk. You can read more about the differences between traditional used car dealerships and bad credit car lots here.

Q: What Credit Score Do I Need to Qualify for Cars Plus Credit Vehicles?

The kind of credit score you need for car loan approval with other places will depend on your specific situation and the vehicle in question…but not here! We don’t have a set credit score requirement. Instead, we take a more holistic approach, considering your overall financial situation rather than focusing solely on your credit score. Our goal is to offer financing options that suit your budget and support your financial health.

Q: What Are the Flexible Payment Options at Westland Auto Sales?

We work directly with you to craft a flexible payment plan that suits your budget and pay schedule. We take a look at your income, expenses, potential future expenses, and pay frequency to help us determine the best payment plan to help you succeed through the program. This could involve monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly payments, depending on what works best for you.

Q: How Does the Free 2-Year Warranty Benefit Me?

The warranty covers you for 2 years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first, for parts and labor on any major repairs involving your engine, transmission, or some other alternative components. FREE OF CHARGE! It benefits you because not only does it give you peace of mind, but it saves you a ton of money. Plus, you’ll enjoy a 15% discount on all work done at our on-site shop and the ability to finance certain repairs at 0% interest, making it even easier to keep your car in top shape.

Q: How Does Credit Reporting Improve My Credit Score?

By reporting your payment history to credit bureaus, we provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate financial responsibility. Regular, on-time payments can improve your credit score, making it easier to secure other types of credit in the future. This alone is the reason you should be signing up for our Cars Plus Credit Vehicles Program, everything else is just a massive bonus!

clouds in the sky formed to say Let's Go

As we bring this journey to a close, remember that at Westland Auto Sales, we’re more than a car dealership. We’re your partners on the road to financial freedom. 

So, are you ready to kickstart your journey with Cars Plus Credit Vehicles? We’re ready when you are! 

Get in touch today, and let’s drive towards a brighter financial future together.

Shameless Plug –
Contact Us Today to Get Approved For Your Pre Owned Vehicle

If you’re in the market for a used car, truck, SUV, or van, and you’re worried about your credit score, we are here to help. 

Our team will help you get the pre-owned vehicle you need. With timely payments, it can improve your credit as well.

Thousands of other happy customers of the Fresno area just like you have already been approved and are on their path to a better future. With low down payments starting at only $500, great premiums for your trade-in, and a free warranty, you’ll be set up to succeed from the start.

Contact us today! Learn all about our selection of pre-owned vehicles and bad credit car financing options.

Extra Resources To Help On Your Journey

We love to share the wealth! Here are some resources and trusted vendors that we personally use. They can help you take care of your vehicle as well as keep your credit and finances in tip-top shape:

Car Parts

High Quality and Affordable Car Parts: Advance Auto Parts

High Quality Dash Cams and Car Accessories: Rexing USA or VanTrue or Nextbase

Car Audio & Sound Systems: Eonon 

Premium Wiper Blades & Accessories: Clix Auto

Easy Key Replacement & Programming DIY: Car Keys Express

High-Quality Orignal and Custom Car Lighting: LASFIT

Quality Car Parts/Accessories (mats, covers, assemblies): Oedro

Premium Car Detailing Supplies: Chemical Guys

High-Performance Car Parts & Air Filters: KN Filters 

High-Performance Parts: Max Speeding Rods

Speed and Performance Parts: Spectre Performance

Air Intakes: Airaid

Original & Aftermarket Wheels: OE Wheels LLC

Battery Tenders: Deltran Battery

High-Quality Tires Of All Types: Priority Tire or Discount Tire

DIY Car Extras

In the event your dealer doesn’t provide you a history report: VinAudit

To learn to recondition your old car battery: EZ Battery Reconditioning

For DIY Ford vehicle repair: Ford Shop

To learn to take some knicks out of your car’s paint: High Quality Car Spray

If you find yourself in need of a car rental: Discover Cars or Airport Rental Cars or Holiday Autos

If you’d like to see what public car auctions are like: Gov Auctions or Gov Seized Auction

Personal Finance & Credit

To help you improve your credit: Axion Credit Repair or Coast Tradelines

For a DIY credit repair course: DIY Credit Repair

To help you get free of debt and increase your credit: What Lies In Your Debt?

If you’re in a bind and need cash quickly: Bad Credit Loans or Cash Advance

For personal loans of higher quantities: Fortuna Credit or Personal Loans

For a high cash-back credit card (make sure you only use it as if it’s a debit card!): Laurelroad 

We will keep sharing all our vendors that we have a great experience with. Only the ones we see align with our values as time goes on, both locally and nationwide.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. It is not financial advice. Always consult with a qualified financial professional for personalized guidance.

Our Vision

Empower those in need with the freedom of transportation and the tools to obtain financial stability.

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