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Join The Westland Auto Team

Create a Better Future for Yourself and Others!

Every day, we find ways to empower those less fortunate with the freedom of transportation and the tools necessary to obtain financial stability. Together we can create a positive impact in our community and our own lives, all while having a blast doing so!

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Westland’s Core Truths:

In nearly 20 years in business, we have come to recognize the recurring traits that continue to present themselves. They have become our core truths and everything we do aligns directly with them.

  • Focus on our Member’s success and all else will follow.
  • Tomorrow is shaped by the things we get done today.
  • You can be a playful professional.
  • Our goals will continue to grow beyond the stars.
  • Always demanding and delivering the best, no matter what, will result in never having to settle.
  • Success is made by doing the hard and boring shit that others are not willing to do.
  • You cannot please everyone but by being generous and moving mountains for those that trust, believe, and follow you faithfully, you create a positive environment that pays back tenfold.
  • Nothing is ever perfect, so decide, act, pivot fast, and embrace the constant change with open arms.
  • Transparent, honest, and frequent communication leads to strong long-term relationships that allow you and those around you to understand and grow.
  • Thinking positively and in increments of centuries unlocks much different ideas, solutions, and decisions.
  • Doing more with less will make you untouchable.
  • Helping creates an environment that keeps on helping.
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Westland Auto – Currently Open Positions

We’d love to have you join our team! These are the current positions we have available.

Westland Auto – Member Acquisition & Relationship Building

Finding and guiding those in need that are great fits for our program and providing value to them throughout their journey with us.

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Westland Auto – Service

Providing our Members with safe and reliable transportation that allows opportunities to open for them and contribute toward their success.

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Westland Auto – Member Success

Ensuring Members’ success through our program by maintaining high external accountability and direction.

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Westland Auto – Community & Growth

Searching, finding, and communicating with those best suited for our program and building a community around them, all while providing valuable content to help them better their lives.

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Westland Auto – Finance

Helping our Members find the best options while allowing our organization to remain in a position to reach more of those in need of our services.

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Westland Auto – Leadership

Building and strengthening the environment of our organization and optimizing our processes to provide the best experience for both our Team and our Members.

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