The Top 6 Myths I Still Hear About Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers in 2023

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Dive into the World of Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers!

Ever heard of buy here pay here car dealers and thought, “Too good to be true?” or “Sounds sketchy!”? Well, you’re not alone. However, I’m about to lay the truthing smackdown on you! Welcome to 2023, where we’re busting the myths surrounding buy here pay heres!

Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers
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Intro to Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers

Before we delve into the mysterious realm of myths and misconceptions, let’s get our feet wet by understanding what Buy Here Pay Here car dealers are all about.

Imagine you’ve just walked into a dealership and instead of getting the cold shoulder because of your credit score or being sent on a wild goose chase for this unicorn ‘cosigner’ that no one has ever found, the dealership tells you they’ll lend you their own money so you can buy the car.

Yep, that’s the magic of buy here pay here (BHPH)!

It’s like a one-stop-shop for all your car buying and financing needs. No more juggling between lenders and dealerships, and certainly no more awkward convos about your credit history.

Now, while this might sound like a fairy tale, BHPH dealerships are very real. But of course, with all good things come…myths. And myths…well they have to have come from somewhere, right?

The Origin of Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers Myths

If buy here pay here car dealers are so good, there wouldn’t be all this negative publicity surrounding them. There’s gotta be some truth to it all, right?


Back in the day, buy here pay here car lots were like the wild wild west. No regulation, no organization, no care. From both the bhph and customer!

It was such a big risk for both parties that it was riddled with bad apples and only shady people were involved. However, as time went on and technology allowed for better ways of doing things, players with a long-term vision entered the game. Pretty soon, the entire industry started getting cleaned up.

Now-a-day in 2023, those bad apples make up less than 1% of the industry. Most buy here pay here car lots are owned and operated by good people trying to make a positive difference in their community.

Whether a local buy here pay here car lots’ systems are to your standard is different, but that their intentions are bad? Nah.Related Reading: what is a local buy here pay here dealership in Fresno.

The Myths of Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers

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Buy Here Pay Here car dealers aren’t spared from them either, and they shouldn’t be. They had a long history of sour, but things have changed drastically.

In the dazzling year of 2023, we’re taking on the challenge of debunking some of the most popular misconceptions still associated with BHPH.

Let’s get straight to it!

Myth 1: Sky-High Interest Rates at Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealerships

One of the big myths? That Buy Here Pay Here car dealerships charge sky-high interest rates.

Ouch, right?

Buy here pay here interest rates tend to be higher than traditional rates, but they are not set up to bleed the customer endlessly. Buy here apy here car dealers structure their car loans to be paid off within 2-3 years, reducing the overall costs associated with long-term loans.

This allows you to build up your credit score quickly and provides you the opportunity to trade out into a car loan with better terms the next time around.

Not to mention, our own buy here pay here near me provides a 10-month 0% interest program. All buy here pay here car lots will be different, but by asking about the different programs available, you can find hidden gems clouded by the mythical smoke in the air.

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Myth 2: Quality Concerns of Buy Here Pay Here Cars

Heard buy here pay here cars are all lemons? Let’s squeeze some truth out of that one.

Buy here pay here dealerships have reputations to maintain. Just like any other dealership, they can’t afford to stock their lots with cars that constantly break down. In fact, they are incentivized to provide a higher quality car than a traditional dealer would.

Why? Because while a basic car lot sells your car loan to a bank and never has to see you again, buy here pay here car lots will be seeing you for the next 2-4 years.

It’s in their best interest to keep you satisfied, stress-free, and on the road.

Many cars at buy here pay here dealerships undergo rigorous checks and come with warranties. Our own buy here pay here near me dealers provide a free extensive 30-day warranty that’s coupled with a free 2-year warranty for the major components of your vehicle.

Myth 3: Trustworthiness of Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers

The myth that buy here pay here car dealers can’t be trusted has been floating around like a bad smell for ages.

Yes, once upon a time, this was definitely true. But here’s a whiff of fresh air – the majority of these dealerships are as reliable as your Sunday morning mass.

Buy Here Pay Here car financing has seen a massive evolution in its transparency and robustness over the years. It has taken on a customer-success approach for all credit walks of life that is unmatched by any other type of dealer out there.

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Myth 4: 50%+ Down Payments and Financial Strains Placed By A Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealership

Imagine being told you need to drop half the car’s value as a down payment. Yikes!

I still remember when this was the norm, but that’s not the case anymore. While there are some old timers that seem to refuse to adhere to the times, we’ve adopted a much more accessible approach.

Our buy here pay here car dealers in Fresno offer low down payments that start as low as $500. There is no more blanket approach of approving anyone that comes with the right amount.

Instead, we look at the entire picture of each individual to determine the best Buy Here Pay Here down payment options to give them the highest chance of success through our program.

Myth 5: Instant Repossessions of Buy Here Pay Here Cars

Let’s be clear here. The buy here pay here industry is still a very risky business.

Buy here pay here dealers have to be able to differentiate between good people who are ready for assistance to turn their life around and those who are in it to use and abuse anyone and anything without care of the consequences.

While repossessions are processed much faster within bhph, they are a last resort and are carefully weighed.

At our own buy here pay here car lots, we make numerous attempts by phone, text, email, social media, snail mail, references, and any other means possible before ever having to go down that road. In fact, we’ve managed to get 78.7% of our Members to successfully get through their loan and move on to a better stage of their life.

Most Buy Here Pay Here dealerships in 2023 know full well that their customer is everything, and it’s our responsibility to help them stay on track, not make them fail.

Myth 6: Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers Design Loans to Never Be Paid Off

Have I seen a buy here pay here dealership that stuck someone in a 12-year car loan? Yes.

How often? Only once.

Many buy here pay here car dealers offer the buy here pay here no credit check model to help those with bad or no credit history get reliable transportation and provide them opportunities to get ahead, not setting traps.

Our bhph car loans are set up to be paid off in 2-3 years. This allows our Members to use our buy here pay here to build up their credit scores and return to a more traditional form of car loans.

A Member that succeeds through our program is more likely to return and use the myriad of lenders we have available the second and third time around because they see we are there for them. They’re also more likely to refer others who could benefit from our program the way they have.

Keeping them trapped does nothing for anyone. Helping them succeed cultivates a long-term relationship that rewards everyone involved.Related Reading: best points of buy here pay here near me with no credit check.

Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers Myths Debunked

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Navigating through the maze of myths can be quite a journey! And boy, did we uncover some truths about Buy Here Pay Here car dealers today.

From ridiculous interest rates to the quality of buy here pay here cars near me, down payment dynamics to the mysterious world of repossessions – the landscape of BHPH in 2023 is much different than what many rumors would still have you believe. If you’d like to learn more about buy here pay here car lots, check out our breakdown on the pros and cons.

Your Next Steps Toward Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers

Considering a BHPH dealer for your next car purchase? Good news: you’re equipped with facts now! All that B.S. floating up in the sky is of no concern.

Here are your next steps:

  1. Plan: Work out your finances. Know your credit, your income, and your limits and stay within them.
  2. Research: Look up any buy here pay here car dealers who have programs best suited for you. Look at their reviews and give them a call to discuss them.
  3. Visit: Once you find 2-3 local buy here pay here car dealers that were to your liking, pay them a visit. Ask questions and inspect the cars to see their quality and process.
  4. Trust but Verify: While you’re well-armed against myths, always check history reports and the paperwork before you sign. Even honest people can make mistakes.
  5. Drive: Once satisfied, hit the road in your next car with confidence!

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Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers

For those still hungry for more, let’s delve into some frequently asked questions.

Q: What determines the interest rates at buy here pay here car dealers?

A: Multiple factors come into play. These include the dealership’s policies, your down payment, the duration of your loan, the specific program in question. Always compare rates and inquire directly with the dealer.

Q: Are buy here pay here cars usually old or used?

A: While many buy here pay here cars near me are all used cars, not all vehicles are “old.” Many offer recent models from 3-7 years old in great condition. For a closer look at the in house financing car dealership process, click here.

Q: How does the down payment process work at these buy here pay here dealerships?

A: The down payment varies by dealership, vehicle price, your income and expenses, and your overall stability. Some might offer flexible plans, while others have fixed rates. While our own buy here pay here near me determines the down payment by what will give you the highest chance of success through our program, not all work the same. It’s always wise to discuss options with the dealer.

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Q: How reliable are buy here pay here dealership options?

A: Like any business, there are reliable buy here pay here car lots and less trustworthy ones. Do your research, read reviews, and visit in person to gauge their reliability.

Q: Do all buy here pay here car lots skip credit checks?

A: Not all. In fact, not only is this not common practice but you should be extremely weary of any bhph that is still practicing this model. No credit check is a term now used to express a ‘soft pull’ inquiry on your credit that does not appear on there, nor affects your credit score. A true buy here pay here no credit check is risky practice and are setting themselves up for fraud and lawsuits. If a place is that flippant about their livelihood, would you trust them with yours?

a man and woman driving in a newly acquired car they got from buy here pay here car dealers

The open road of knowledge lies ahead. Equipped with insights and dispelled myths, why not explore more about buy here pay here near me?

Cruise over to your local buy here pay here car lots near me and rev up your car-buying journey with confidence!

Safe driving!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. It is not financial advice. Always consult with a qualified financial professional for personalized guidance.

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