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Discover the Freedom of Transportation and Tools to Obtain financial stability with the best buy here pay here in Fresno CA

Are you dreading the thought of going through another of Fresno’s extreme weathers without a reliable vehicle just because your credit is not what all of the dealerships want?

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Your Best Local Buy Here Pay Here in Fresno CA

Do you feel like there’s no hope and you should give up?

We feel your pain, we’ve been through that very spot. 

That’s the exact reason why we created and carefully customized our Buy Here Pay Here in Fresno CA. It is there to help provide our fellow Fresno Members an opportunity to succeed past the vehicle!

Don’t know what buy here pay here is? Check this out.

With our main location being established and serving the city of Fresno, CA for nearly 20 years, we know a thing or two about what our Members truly need.

We’ve been able to help over 5,047 good families in the Fresno area get a reliable used car and find ways to improve their future. And that is the biggest difference you’ll find with us.

The Westland Difference to Buy Here Pay Here in Fresno CA

We don’t stop at helping you get financing on a reliable vehicle regardless of your credit score. That’s the easy part, and we don’t do easy. We want to help you solve the root of the problem so that you can make a real positive change in your and your family’s future. 

To help you understand how credit and finances work so that you never need our Buy Here Pay Here in Fresno CA again.

Our aim is to help you get a reliable vehicle that will keep you focused on learning and improving your credit and financial situation so that you can carry that forward for generations to come.

We want our Buy Here Pay Here in Fresno CA to help our community thrive.

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Why Choose Our Buy Here Pay Here in Fresno CA

Understanding Fresno’s Buy Here Pay Here Auto Financing Needs

Our Founders built this entire dream after immigrating to the United States in pursuit of the American Dream, only to realize that the system was set up to keep those less fortunate down. They struggled for months in the brutal Fresno heat, dealing with countless rejections from everyone turning their backs on them for having no credit. 

No one should have to deal with that struggle unnecessarily. 

They opened their doors back in 2007, endured the hardships that all of us did through the Great Recession, and sacrificed so that they could keep their dream alive.

Nearly 20 years later they have been blessed with the opportunity to continue serving thousands of good families in Fresno who are ready for their help with reliable transportation and the tools necessary to obtain financial stability. 

We know how hard life can be without a vehicle here in Fresno, and we know the path you need to follow to ensure that you never have to struggle unnecessarily. 

Custom Tailored Buy Here Pay Here in Fresno CA for its Residents

The car is just the starting point, but our Buy Here Pay Here in Fresno CA is customized to help our community to learn how to never have to deal with these unnecessary struggles again. 

Each year, we have continued to improve our Fresno Buy Here Pay Here Program to help you best, and with each coming year we will continue to do so.

As of this moment, we can only allow 8 New Members into our Program each week. Because of that, we have to carefully assess the thousands of applications we receive to ensure we provide those who are most ready for our help with the dedication and support they need.

a successful Member of Westland Auto Sales buy here pay here in Fresno CA

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Successful Members of Our Buy Here Pay Here in Fresno CA Program

Ashley Guidry of Fresno, CA – 3+ Cars

Ashley is a single mother who had struggled to get reliable transportation for her and her son due to credit challenges. She was referred to us by a good friend of hers who had gone through our Buy Here Pay Here Fresno Program and had success with it.

Our advice resonated with her and she buckled down, ready to change things around. We are very proud to see how big of a difference she has made in her life. She’s been able to get her schooling completed for the nursing field, save up enough to move out of her father’s place and secure her own home, get her son back and forth to all of his school events, get a healthy savings account and a credit score where she no longer needs the program!

Ashley is an example of someone who chooses to come back to the program because she sees she operates better under our guidance. We think it’s very safe to say, though, she doesn’t need us anymore.

Stacey Rosser of Fresno, CA – 2+ Cars

When Stacey first came to us, her husband and she had been dealing with a vehicle that could barely fit them and their children, on top of constantly breaking down on her. One of our team members referred her to us because she needed something reliable to be able to get her husband to his medical appointments. She had been denied at countless dealers due to collections on her credit from medical bills. 

She was welcomed with open arms and explained how our Buy Here Pay Here Fresno program worked so she understood that our goal was to help her beyond the reliable transportation. 

Stacey buckled down and made a massive improvement in her credit and finances. So much so that she was able to secure a very good auto loan through a reputable lender with great rates. We’re extremely happy to see her and her family thriving and even years later still receive referrals from her on a frequent basis. 

a happy member, a single mother of four, with all her children around her, excited about the results our buy here pay here program could provide her.

Hydeah Packard of Fresno, CA – 2+ Cars

This is a shining example of someone who recognized that her past would not determine her future. Hydeah had dealt with a previous repossession that was brought on by circumstances out of her control, but she recognized that they were not situations that she would ever allow to happen again. She knew full well that it was her responsibility and just needed someone to help her by giving her a chance.

We’re very glad we did because Hydeah has earned her place as one of the most wonderful Members we’ve ever had. She was able to secure her schooling in the nursing field which allowed her to get a better position. Instead of blowing the extra income, she used it to help get her finances in order and with the big heart this girl has, took on the responsibility of raising a nephew who was in a troubled situation.

Hydeah is a Member that everyone at our organization adores and cherishes. We are happy to see her life continuing to head in a positive direction and will always be there by her side.

a happy member joining our buy here pay here in fresno ca program at westland auto sales

These are just 3 of the thousands of Members who have used our help to help themselves make it successfully through our Buy Here Pay Here Fresno program and make a change in their lives.

We want to be able to help YOU make an even bigger change!

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Growing the Community the Right Way Through Our Buy Here Pay Here in Fresno CA

The Fresno Community means a lot to us and we want to see it grow in a positive direction.

We’re always looking for ways to involve ourselves with other local Fresno businesses or organizations so we can further support the people of Fresno, CA. We also host Member appreciation events at least two times throughout the year at our Buy Here Pay Here in Fresno CA to be able to give back to the people who allow us to continue pursuing our dreams. 

Our plan is to allow our community to learn about credit and finances. This begins with us providing frequent workshops, seminars, and webinars to residents of the Fresno, CA area through our Buy Here Pay Here program. We hope that we can help the good people who are in a tough spot who are ready to help themselves out of that situation and toward a future they can feel proud of.

We want to help provide a positive impact in Fresno, CA through our Buy Here Pay Here program.

our buy here pay here in fresno ca Members enjoying themselves at one of our Member appreciation events

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Two Locations to Easily Access Our Buy Here Pay Here in Fresno CA

To provide our Members with plenty of options, easy accessibility, and all of our focus, we have two locations that provide our Buy Here Pay Here in Fresno CA program.

Hours & Locations

  • Westland Auto Sales – Buy Here Pay Here
    3910 E Belmont Ave Fresno CA 93702

  • Westland Auto Sales – Buy Here Pay Here
    3690 E Belmont Ave Fresno CA 93702

    Phone: (559) 444-0123

    Hours of Operation:
    Monday – Saturday 9 AM – 6 PM
    Sundays 10 AM – 5 PM

Whichever of these two locations is most convenient to you, they will both provide you with the same quality Buy Here Pay Here in Fresno CA service. If you are tired of getting constantly rejected and are ready to make a positive change in your life, it’s time you make an appointment with us. 

a Member of Westland Auto Sales' buy here pay here in fresno ca who has just joined the programs

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