5 Things Every Vehicle Owner Needs

Posted Friday, Mar 25, 2022

No matter whether you drive primarily in the city or spend time off-roading on one of our many desert trails, problems can happen when you least expect them.

No matter how experienced a driver you are, being stuck with a dead vehicle on a road can be very stressful. That is why we recommend that every driver, no matter where they drive, should carry these 5 essential items with them in case of an emergency.

Spare tire, jack, and lug wrench.

Flat tires top the list of frustrating car troubles. Especially because many a time, they could be avoided.

Know what would make it even worse?

Opening up your trunk only to realize that you have a spare tire but no jack or lug wrench to put it on. Even if you have roadside assistance, it’s always good to have these items on hand in case your phone is out of service, or they can’t come for an extended period of time.

Changing a tire is very easy and can be done by virtually anyone. I was changing the spare tire of our 1987 Hyundai Elantra as a small child, which means it shouldn’t be a problem for any adult.

Jumper cables.

A dead battery is one of the most common malfunctions you might face. Especially because it usually happens in the morning, when you’re trying to get to work.

Curse those batteries!

Jumpstarting a car is quite an easy process, as long as you have a set of jumper cables and someone willing to give you a jump.

Want something even better?

For about $50 you can get yourself a portable jump starting box that can get you out of that pesky situation without you having to go around looking for a helping hand. That’s a huge time-saving!


You may be wondering how oil would come in handy to keep in your car…well we’re here to tell you, of course it’s an important item to keep in your car!

If we sat down and wrote down all of the different uses for WD-40 in everyday life, we’d end up writing a book thicker than an encyclopedia.

From loosening lug nuts and lubricating a creaky door to having to switch a license plate, WD-40 has deserved its place in your trunk.

Windshield wiper fluid.

Ever been caught in nasty rain or a brutal snowstorm? It can be pretty scary.

Doubly so if your wipers don’t seem to do anything against it.

Low visibility is the main reason for severe, and even fatal, car crashes in the winter. That is why it is very important to make sure that you have extra windshield wiper fluid in your car.

This product can help keep your windshield clean and clear so that you can see the road. We would even recommend that you carry an extra set of wiper blades in case one of yours tears.

First Aid Kit.

Our last item is more about your safety than your car’s:

A first aid kit.

It’s inexpensive and easy to store.

Accidents happen, and sometimes they might happen on a lonely road. A first aid kit will help take care of any minor scrapes or cuts, and can help keep a more serious injury clean and covered until you can get proper help.

Whether you only drive from home to work or planning a road trip with your family, keeping essentials close at hand can be the difference between a smooth trip and a frustrating one. Follow our advice and add these 5 items to your car, truck, or SUV today!

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